Life Starts NOW...

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Today is the first day of

the rest of your life…


Let that sink in for a moment…

The rest of your life starts NOW. In this very moment. And you get to decide what you want that to look like. You don’t have to “just take whatever life throws at you”. It doesn’t matter what life has looked like for you up until this moment. You get to choose what you want your life to look like from this point forward. 

The insights I share in these blog posts are intended to inspire you to take your life off of "auto-pilot" and begin to live your life in a deliberate and intentional way.

Whether you have been divorced for some time now, or you are smack dab in the middle of navigating the early stages of the end of your marriage, or somewhere in between,  my desire is to allow you to feel seen, heard and supported every step of the way. 

Even when life seems hard, we can make choices that take us one step closer to a life we can get excited about.  

Let’s do this together…xo